somewhere in mid life crisis... you are 50 and above... learn to fly join The largest Cessna flying Club in Malaysia intake for new students is now ground classes every evening

Time to start something... time to learn to fly.

Air Adventure Flying Club (AAFC)

approved training organisation
for over 15 years


 The Premier Flying Club – Best safety track record.

More than 900 students trained and licensed.

8 aircraft available for your flight training.

Complete your PPL in 2 month.




 Adventure pilots all over the Cockpits 

We take all adventures seriously…

Lots of Adventure pilots have climbed the ladder and are now in the airlines… they made it. Well done!

But amazingly only a hand full of Pilots, ex students and members  end up flying together in the same cockpit. In the first picture we have JFK aka ADV 11 and Sameer whom both started their aviation journey with Andreas as students with zero flying hours.

In the second picture is ADV192 aka Irfan Azmi and Captain Suneel aka ADV573, Ground Instructor of the AAFC when he is not flying as captain in his A320.



MORE INSTRUCTORS, more aircraft & more Staff

 for more efficiency and a speedy completion of your dreams
Flight Training with more Instructors:  We are proud to welcome:

Captain Daniel Yee  who comes with a European ATPL and his Instructor rating from France.

Captain Bo Yi Tan and Captain Edward Ho with their FAA CFI and CFII rating he is what you will need to renew your PPL/CPL. Trained in USA Captain Bo Ji Tan is also ready to take your Bi-annual flight check in our Cessna 172 N1188U.

Captain Imran Tom who is also the vice President of the AAFC with lots of hours in flight training under his belt, Captain Imran is from our affiliated Royal Selangor Flying Club and ready to take you to new heights.

Flight Training with more aircraft:  We are proud to have new to our stable

Two 2010 Piper Warrior III available for your flight training, ready for your C of T or PPL training or just for rental.

These 2 aircraft come with a couple of Garmin 430 each and are with less than 2500 hours TT with  overhauled engines, the perfect training aircraft for your PPL. A great bargain at prices nobody in Malaysia will and can match…




The very latest and awaiting approval to start our Helicopter flight training is a Robinson 44.  

We have teamed up with the Robinson distributer for Malaysia JAGHELI and happy to have their full support.

If you are keen to buy a new Robinson Heli, you can not only learn on YOUR Heli with our experienced and fully licensed Instructor. The training will be completely free for you, and we train till you are happy with your learned skills.




Flight Training with more support staff:  We are proud to welcome: 

Captain Yu Juin, a CAAM ATPL license holder, a Philippines ATPL license holder with lots of hours under his belt. Yu Juin is the Flight Operations Manager and is overseeing the daily flight ops of the AAFC. 

Administration/ Continues Airworthiness Management:

Ms. Hali is forming our in-house CAMO unit ( Continues Airworthiness Management Organisation) that is supported by Captain Satyan aka ADV 496, ex Nasa engineer and the man responsible for keeping James Webb telescope where it is right now. Satyan also a passionate pilot that loves to go up north to explore Malaysia.



FAA & EASA Flight INSTRUCTOR available for 

your check ride & IFR training

 In need to do your bi annual check ride… your IFR Training…


Captain Daniel Imran, with an FAA Instrument Instructor rating Daniel has started an IFR training program that will be online as well as hands on out of Subang Airport. 

Captain Daniel Yee, EASA & CAAM flight instructor available daily to ensure that you can stay current with your EASA license. If you need to clock hours… he is ready to take you anywhere… almost anywhere…

strength in numbers, opportunities for more adventure

Air adventure flying club
Johor Flying Clug - Malaysia
Royal selangor flying
SelEtar Flying Club - SingaporE


Attention all AAFC, SFC, JFC, RSFC and SFC members, please complete the the reciprocal membership forms in SQUAWK – FORMS to avail of each others service.



seletar flying club

We are in our 15th year of operation, moving from strong too stronger.

We have just signed up our 920 th member to the AAFC, another enthusiastic student that wants to reach out to the sky and see what else life has to offer…. 

The largest flying club in South East Asia, AAFC is providing flight training and introductory flights for potential students from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. You are closer than you think to become a Private Pilot.

We are proud to have members from as far away as Colombia, British Guyana, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Portugal, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and of naturally Malaysia. 

920  members and endless memories and experiences with our beloved ladies 9M NCU – 9M TFC – 9M ZAR – 9M JFA – 9M-NKD, 9M- NKD, 9MBDX – ZKDIQ & N1188U.  

Online classes are being conducted daily, online during evening time. ( 8:30pm – 10:30 pm) to ensure that we don’t mess up your working life and your family dinner.

Hangar talk

New pilots are being made Every day here is out hero list starting january 2023

Tun Ladoni aka adv 474 – PPL – 12 January 2023

Jo Kwang Meng aka adv 634 gotten his FAA wings in the USA on  – 11 January 2023

Cheng You Chow aka adv 732 go this PPL 14 January 2023

Hoe Lum Lum got his PPL on 14 January 2023 

Yannick Winnen, aka adv 688 got his solo ticket 27 January 2023Mohammad Soffian Bin Mohd Azmir aka adv 507 his PPL

Hariz aka adv 694 gotten his wings for his PPL 18/02023

Jimmy Yu Chun Ngu aka adv 702 done his first solo 6/3/2023

Shaun Tan Soon Wie aka adv 795 gone solo 12/3/2023

David Lim aka adv 762 gone solo on 20/3/2023.

Vikas Sangwan aka adv 571 gone solo 27/3/2023.

Matthew Dewees aka adv 667 got his PPL wings 1/4/2023

Scott Brand aka adv 492 got his PPL wings 15/4/2023

Akasah Khalil aka adv 677 got his PPL wing 18/4/2023

Hui Lin Chew aka adv 815 gone solo 18/5/2023

Francis Yew Guan Lai aka adv 793 gone solo 19/7/2023.




Total Pilot made in 2023 = 12

Totals Pilots gone solo in 2023 = 8

Total Pilots renewed their C of T and kept current = countless. 


Now a proud PPL holder, Torfinn Akselsen (Norway)Thorfinn, working in Malaysia for many years decided to start his PPL course. With some delay due to COVID he started his gound classes first online as well as offline with the CTKI as well as the TKI his flight training only started in December, 2020.His flight training was done in only 3 weeks.

Here is his story, his journey to fulfil his dream and he become a pilot. ( his journey is here) 

Captain Ornella Singkano aka adv 658 did her check ride for her FAA PPL in Lincoln California. After some hard work in the Subang Airport and airspace our member adv 658 did her check ride and passed with flying colours in the USA

... Gone solo, done the PPL & did it in style... all done in the year 2022......

Ibrahim Hussain aka adv 404 – PPL – 15 February 2022

Tze Yuan Tiong aka adv 527 – solo – 19 February 2022

Faisal bin Isa aka adv 484 – PPL – 19 February 2022

Yong Lee Lim aka adv 448 PPL  – 19 February 2022

Kai Jie Yap aka adv 523 – solo – 27 February 2022

Kui Poh Yau aka adv 566 – PPL – 27 February 2022

Loh Kwong Sheng aka adv 640 – solo – 3 March 2022

Jeff Kong Leong Gan aka adv 440 – PPL – 3 March 2022

Yorck Reuber aka adv 576 PPL – 13 March 2022 & a broom stick rating…. 

Mirza Tuaha Hasan aka adv 597 PPL – 27 March 2022

Yu Gene Loh aka adv 572 gone solo 10 April 2022

Amri Khalid aka adv 652 – gone solo 27/4/2022

Tun Ladoni aka adv 474 gone solo 28 April 2022

Alexander Daniel aka adv 519 gone solo 2 May 2022

Ornella Sungkono aka adv 658 FAA PPL in Lincoln California, USA 5 May 2022

Simon Pua aka adv 505 PPL – 15 May 2022

Kai Jie Yap adv 523 PPL – 29 May 2022

KC Shoo adv 645 gone solo 14th June 2022

Kent Yap adv 651 gone solo 21 June 2022

Mark Loh Sheng adv 640 PPL 3rd July 2022

Mohamad Safuan Abdullah adv 492 PPL 3rd July 2022

Hussin Khan adv 440 gone solo 13 July 2022

Akasah Khalil aka adv 677 gone solo 27th July 2022

Amri Khalid aka adv 652 PPL 29 July 2022

Yu Gene Loh aka adv 572 PPL 29 July 2022

Raymond Khor Hong aka adv 471 30 July 2022

Matthew Clayton Dewees aka adv 667 gone solo 6 August 2022

Captain Ijlal@Jai aka ADV673 gone solo 12 August 2022

Captain Hoe Lum LAM aka adv 633 gone solo 19 August 2022. With only 17 years, one month and 6 days he is the youngest Solo Pilot in the History of the AAFC and perhaps  Malaysia. (The legal age to go solo is 17 years old).

Captain Mahmoud Alsharif aka adv 602 gone solo 20 August 2022.

Captain Dato Rahman aka adv 550 PPL 20 August 2022

Captain Jack Kia Tew gone solo September 12 2022.

Captain Johannes Tze Yuan Tiong aka adv 527 PPL 24 September 2022

Captain Izzuddin aka adv 676 gone solo on 1/10/2022

Captain Cheng You Chow aka adv 732 gone solo on 11/10/2022

Captain Kah Chon Shoo aka adv 645 got his wings on 19/11/2022

Captain Daniel Alexander Daniel aka adv 519 got his wings on 19/11/202

Captain Dr. Balan aka adv 526 got his wings on 28/11/2022

Captain Hussain Khan aka adv 494 got is wings on 28/11/2022

Captain Wen aka adv 698 got his wings 29/12/2022


total PPL in 2022: 22

total Solo pilots in 2022: 16 


No other Flying Club in Malaysia has made more private pilots. 


Another Sunday morning meeting at Wirakris
Captain Reuber with the broomstick rating.
Captain Ornella Sungkono in Linconln California USA.
Student pilot KC Shoo gone solo 14th June 2022 @Subang Airport
Student pilot Kent Yap aka adv 651 gone solo 21th June 2022 @Subang Airport
Captain Mark did his PPL flight test 3rd July 2022 @Subang Airport
Captain Safuan did his PPL flight test 3rd July 2022 @Subang Airport
Captain Hussin Khan, gone solo 13th July 2022
Captain Akasah Khalil, gone solo 27th July 2022
Captain Raymond Khor Hong adv 471 done PPL check 30th July 22
Captain Matthew Dewees adv 667 gone solo 6th August 2022
Captain Hoe Lum LAM gone solo at the age of 17 years, one month and 6 days, making him the youngest solo pilot in the AAFC history and perhaps the Malaysian Aviation History. Congratulations to him, he will be going in the books of records.
Captain Mahmoud Alsharif aka adv 602 gone solo 20 August 2022
Captain Jack Boon Tew solo 12 September 2022
Captain Cheng You Chow, gone solo 11 October 2022
Captain Kah Chon Shoo got his wings 19/11/2022
Captain Alexander Daniel got his wings on 19 Nov 2022
Captain Dr. Balan got this wings 28 Nov 2022
Captain Hussain Khan aa av 494 got this wings 28 Nov 2022
Captain Jo Kwang Meng aka adv 634 got this FFA wings 10 th January 2023
Captain Lam in the middle and FI Daniel left and examiner Farik right. Lam got his wings 14 th January 2023
Captain Yannick Winnen gone first solo, also Instructor Daniel send his first student solo
Captain Soffian got his PPL wings today 28 January 2023
Captain Hariz done his PPL 18/1/2023. Pictured with Captan Farik DFE (left) and CFI Captain Omar (right)
Captain Jimmy Yu Chun Ngu done his first solo 6/3/2023
Captain Shaun Tan Soon Xie done his first solo 12/3/2023
Captain David Lim done his first solo 20/3/2023
Captain Vikas Sangwan done his first solo 27/3/2023
Captain Matthew Dewees got his PPL wings 1/4/2023
Captain Scott Brand ( 2nd from right)got his PPL wings 15/4/2023
Captain Hui Lin Chew gone solo 15/5/2023
Captain Francis Yew Guan Lai gone solo 19/7/2023

Ready for your faa ifr training...

here is your chance to get started with captain D. FAA CFII.

If you are ready to take the next big step for your FAA IFR training, here is your chance.


Danial is ready to take you to the next level of flight training for your FAA license.

If you like the AAFC to assist you with the validation of your Malaysian license to an FAA license, the time to do that is now. For a little fee and pretty much no hassle we can assist you to get your FAA ticket to fly any N registered aircraft.

The complete training syllabus is available online at 

Online training for ground classes  will be done several times per year with the first training session starting on the 25th of May 2022. All classes will be in the evening hours and on Zoom.

Flight training will be done in one of our N registered aircraft out of Subang International airport on daily basis.

Its time for you to upgrade your skills.

time is right to start your ppl spread your wings & learn to fly

take the next step...


New Students intake is at any time.

With a dedicated Technical Knowledge Instructor available on a daily basis, it is perhaps now the best time to start your PPL training.

If you are ready to commit to do the PPL, and contact Captain Andreas.

He is available to assist you to get your first step done to get you your Private Pilot License. 

Call him and find out more..

Want to see what we do, where we fly?

The SWAT team on mission a

Our own AAFC SWAT team has just completed their mission, we did make it all the way to Melaka and back.
Mission successfully accomplished, more missions to follow. stand by for more coverage.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air. Sebastian’s love for aircraft can only match his love for a drone so it seams in this latest of the AAFC documentary videos.
To find out who is the winner in the race for his heart, click here to find out.

Cross country Air Adventure

The SWAT team went for the Sungai Remai air carnival.
We had an amazing time, lots of aircrafts joined the AAFC for the fly in.
Have a look at this production. 

One day pilot

He came over and checked out our introduction flight training also known as a One day Pilot program.

Designed to allow anybody to learn and understand what is flying all about. In school principles are explained and most probably we did pass the papers; but we never had a chance to feel what this is all about. Allow your hubby, wife, father or mother, child or nephew to feel what this is like, take this opportunity and call or whatsapp Captain Andreas 0137232345

Job combination not working out

Job Combination Program with our Chief engineer John ( not his real name) and it did not working out. Lucky the academy was on hand and with the single handed effort of Captian Harvinder fixed it all up in no time.


Famous for her Harley Davidson expedition, Jaime Dempsey took a flying lesson with Andreas…


Ask the instructors

Be a better pilot .There are always ways to improve and upgrade skills and knowledge. In our segment ask the Instructors we feature highlights of the Instructor meetings that are being held once a month among the Instructors of the AAFC.